Living the Weller Life

– March 2021 –

National Dog Biscuit Day

Did you hear it was National Dog Biscuit Day? We did! We made homemade dog treats for the fur babies who call Osprey Village home! Afterward, everyone met up in our Memory Garden for a puppy play date! Their smiles say it all!

Women’s Day

We celebrated our ladies for International Women’s Day here at Osprey Village! Members had a great time dancing with the ladies this afternoon. Our pastry chef, Dotty, made us a mimosa cake. This tradition is very important, especially in Italy! The mimosa cake was inspired by the yellow mimosa flower, whose color resembles the sun. The mimosa flower is a symbol of strength, sensibility and is given as a sign of respect.

Big Talbot

This week our Members took a trip to Big Talbot Island to explore on a beautiful day! Some of the members made sure to bring their binoculars for bird watching, while the rest of us admired the scenery around us. The views were breathtaking!

St. Patrick’s Day

Everybody is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day and our Members came out for our St. Patty’s Day New Neighbor Mingle! We served a Jameson Cocktail and Guinness along with Irish Boxty. Members were given a Mingle Bingo card upon arrival that they had to mingle around to learn something new about their neighbors. Everyone wore name tags to reacquaint themselves. On the back of the bingo card, they were challenged with making plans to have a meal with someone new or attend an activity with someone new. New friendships were made and a good time was had by all.

Spring Tea Party

In preparation for our Spring Tea Party next week, we hosted a hat decorating event for our ladies! These are going to be perfect for the tea along with the Easter and the Kentucky Derby.

Culinary Garden

We are ready for Spring and got together to plant some flower seeds in the Culinary Garden for everyone’s enjoyment. It was a beautiful day to put our green thumbs to work planting Zinnias, Cosmos, Sunflowers, and Wild Flowers. We also have a master gardener who has planted Radishes, Tomatoes, Melons, Peas, and Corn in the Culinary Garden.

Bike Paths

Osprey Village is home to wonderful bike paths that our Members use regularly! These tri-bikes are very popular and you’ll find us biking around on sunny Amelia Island days!

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