2023 Supernova Winner

Osprey Village Wins 2023 Supernova Award

The Supernova Award is the highest individual honor our company gives annually to one individual in each community, a community of the year, and an executive director of the year!

Our Senior Leadership Team at the Home Office gathers to review all 15 of our community’s metrics. One community is decided based on their community scorecards with overall rank, year-over-year improvement, and feedback from their operations team. The community that stands out from the rest receives its prestigious Supernova Award from our Executive Team at the Senior Living Communities Annual Meeting Purple Gala Awards Ceremony!

This year, we proudly announce our team at Osprey Village as the recipient of the 2023 Supernova Award for Community of the Year!

Supernova award ceremony

“Congratulations Osprey Village. Our Community of the Year Award goes to the highest-ranked community based on the overall scorecard. Our Operations team bases this award on metrics from the scorecard from every aspect of our community. They consistently have our best clinical scorecard, their turnover is the second lowest in the company, and they exceed their budgeted occupancy. The team at Osprey Village has also locked in the top-rated Member Satisfaction Survey Results. Osprey Village is delivering The Weller Life.”

– Ben Thompson, President and CEO of Senior Living Communities

“Team OV, I believe that this award is just the beginning of a series of well-deserved recognitions that will come your way. Your collective talents and potential are limitless, I am excited to witness your future accomplishments and the positive impact you will continue to make in your field. You are improving the lives of the Members and team members you serve! Congratulations!”

– Matthew Barger, Regional Vice President of Operations