Certified Dementia Practitioner

What is a Certified Dementia Practitioner?

Taking Care of You and Your Loved Ones at Senior Living Communities

Meeting you where you are, whenever you are. That is the promise our Care Services team makes to each of our Members who reside in Reflections (our Memory Care neighborhood) as well as their families. Creating an individualized care plan for each of our Members who are impacted by a Memory-related illness has a long-term impact on their health. Alzheimer’s and dementia require a high-level of care. Through our Reflections program, their care plan creates meaning and purpose for our Members, their families, and is followed through with our frontline caregivers.

Focusing on the care of our Members and their loved ones creates a full circle treatment within our community. Ensuring that our frontline caregivers are properly prepared to meet our Members where they are within their Memory-related journey requires specialized training. Senior Living Communities has a unique approach to Memory Care for our Members.

Memory Care

For a long time, the trend in dementia care has been centered around the caregiver instead of the care receiver. Today, we’re seeing a unique shift in the caregiving culture which involves engaging elders to prevent agitation and confusion before they begin. The key to this switch is that caregivers are encouraged to ‘join’ the resident’s current reality, taking a person-centered approach to their care instead of trying to orient them to the reality of the caregiver. Reality orientation is a powerful technique in which information about time, place, or person is offered to help someone understand their surroundings. When used to aid those with dementia, however, the technique can be more harmful than helpful. For example, a memory care resident may believe that they are in their 20s or 30s and rather than dissuading them from their reality, we who have healthy brains are encouraged to join them in their reality. We may even learn about them in the process! Directing a resident to real time orientation may bring out challenging behaviors including anger, confusion, distrust, and suspiciousness. In addition to being ineffective, reality orientation can also contribute to depression and isolation as each time they are corrected, we are telling them that they’re wrong.

Memory Care at Senior Living Communities

Senior Living Communities follows through with the promise to provide individualized care by supporting our staff members as they go through training to become a Certified Dementia Practitioner. The CDP certification demonstrates the achievement of specialized training in the areas of Alzheimer’s and dementia care. A CDP certification recognizes the need for standards in the area of Alzheimer’s and Dementia education to provide quality services by trained health care professionals and front-line staff in the area of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Memory Care staff members attend the NCCDP’s Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care certification course to learn about the various layers that are associated with the care of our Members within Memory Care. This certification represents the comprehensive knowledge in the area of dementia care front line and health care professionals received. Offering this certification within our communities, we are empowering staff members with the confidence and knowledge to provide quality care.

Setting up opportunities for our staff members to further their education and career through certifications is a benefit for both our communities and staff members. Being a Certified Dementia Practitioner means more than an added notation to a resume, it is the trusted care and confidence that staff members are able to provide a high standard of care for Members. To learn more about the NCCDP’s Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care: Click Here.